Archduke Nonsense (ナンセンス大公 Nansensu-taikō?) is the main antagonist in TwinBee Yahho!: Fushigi no Kuni de Ōabare!! He was voiced by Nobuhiko Kazama.


Loud, pompous, and extremely self-centered, Nonsense has designs upon the throne of Wonderland, which he briefly gains through a coup d'état. What he hasn't told everyone else, is that Dr. Warumon is helping him out by providing much of the necessary firepower. Nonetheless, he succeeds in persuading a large part of the military to support his claims to the succession. He does his fighting in a huge battle-suit modeled on Lewis Carroll's Alice.

His most particular trait is his fondness of saying the word "nonsense" a lot.


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TwinBee Yahho!Edit

Nonsense's first appearance in the series was as the main antagonist in TwinBee Yahho! He pilots a giant robot robotic doll called Electric Doll Emily and is the boss of the appropriately named Final Stage.


Nonsense's second appearance in a game. Makes a brief cameo in the background.

TwinBee PARADISE in Donburi IslandEdit

His third appearance was only in a cameo as an icon in this interactive multimedia game.

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