BaronBee (*バロンビー BaronBī?), also known as Black TwinBee, is a recurrent antagonist in the TwinBee series.


BaronBee made his first appearance in Pop'n TwinBee and since then he has appeared in several other games in the TwinBee series, whether it is as a boss, a miniboss, or as one of the game's antagonists. He seems to be indiscriminate about who he sides with; he has equally worked for Dr. Warumon, Dr. Mardock, Archduke Nonsense, Iva and Greed.

Even though he greatly resembles TwinBee, he is much larger than him.


In Jikkyō Oshaberi Parodius, BaronBee appears as a miniboss in Stage 3 and as the third boss in the Boss Rush stage.

After initially being ejected from Dr. Mardock's Ship (or Dr. Warumon's Flagship in the PlayStation/Saturn port) along with a flood of rubbish, BaronBee will be joined by two options which will position above and below him; these will fire small laser beams independently. BaronBee himself can fire homing rockets (which can be destroyed), a spread of energy bullets, and a fairly rare eye-beam.

During this battle, Mardock's ship will occupy the top of the screen, and providing he has any guns left, will continue to shoot at the player.

BaronBee's attack pattern is actually a combination of all his attacks used in Pop'n TwinBee. The most commonly used is his spread shot, although sometimes he will don his options to battle against the player. The screw energy blast he fires is also taken from that game; however, these can be destroyed this time around. The eye laser attack is taken from his appearance in TwinBee Taisen Puzzle-Dama, where it is his strongest attack.

He is encountered in a rematch in Boss Rush mode, where he first attacks by riding a large airship appropriately named "Big BaronBee". Once this vessel is destroyed, BaronBee will fly randomly about the screen and release his own attacks. He fires small red and blue energy blasts from his hands; if these are struck, they will burst into several smaller lasers which cannot be destroyed.


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  • Four Detana!! TwinBee mangas were collected in Comic Gamest supplements from 1993 (volumes 85, 89, 93 and 97), with drawings and script by Mine Yoshizaki. Between 1994 and 1996, an official manga, also by Yoshizaki, was published in three volumes in the collection Gamest Comics (volumes 011, 039 and 076).
  • DECADE ~TwinBee PARADISE TRIBUTE~ (2004 - Manga)



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