List of all characters in the TwinBee series.


After Detana!! TwinBeeEdit


  • Light and TwinBee (ライト&ツインビー Raito to Tsuinbī?): The main character and his blue bee-shaped robot. He the eldest of Dr. Cinnamon's grandchildren.


  • Pastel and WinBee (パステル&ウインビー Pasuteru to Uinbī?): Light's cousin and her pink bee-shaped robot. She is a younger member of Dr. Cinnamon's grandchildren.


  • Mint-Herb and GwinBee (ミントアーブ&グインビー Minto Ābu to Guinbī?): Pastel's little brother and his green bee-shaped robot. He is the youngest member of Dr. Cinnamon's grandchildren.

Princess MeloraEdit

  • Princess Melora (メローラ姫 Merōra-hime?): The ruler of Planet Mel.

Dr. CinnamonEdit

  • Dr. Cinnamon (シナモン博士 Shinamon-hakase?): The TwinBees' inventor and Grand father of Light, Pastel and Mint.

Dr. WarumonEdit

  • Dr. Warumon (ワルモン博士 Warumon-hakase?): The ZakoBees' inventor, he is Dr. Cinnamon's arch-rival. He spends his time building armies of evil bumblebee android clones and trying to take over the world. He also dabbles in foreign politics, provoking coups, that sort of thing. He's always thwarted by TwinBee, of course. Probably the most evil man in the Universe. He also has a number of airships which invariably end up getting crashed.


  • ZakoBee (ザコビー Zakobī?)


  • Madoka (マドカ Madoka?): Mardock's granddaughter and friend of Light, Pastel and Mint. Madoka was rescued from her insane grandfather by TwinBee and now enjoys baking and other domestic activities. She's also a fledgling mechanic, although her efforts don't always work out as planned.


  • Seeds (シーズ Shīzu?) : Pilot of Black TwinBee 01 (BT-01) Ship. Android created by Dr. Warumon.


  • Salute (サリュート Saryūto?) Pilot of Black TwinBee 02 (BT-02) Ship. Android created by Dr. Warumon. Equivalent to the sister of seeds.


Dr. MardockEdit

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