Temple of Eva is the sixth stage in Detana!! TwinBee. It is the level with the most enemy reprises.



  • Club (pink) - Rotates in a clockwise direction and cannot be destroyed.
  • Dagger Ship (yellow, green) - Relays in the position of the player and goes back up the screen.
  • Dish Ship (blue) - Chases the player.
  • Firefly (orange) - Enters from the bottom of the screen and will keep slowly ascending.
  • Flamethrower Ship (red, gray) - Idle movement but spins around if a partner ship is destroyed.
  • Fork Ship (red) - Appears in groups of five.
  • Mirror Ship (blue) - Rotates around and increases descending and spinning speed when shot.
  • Pop&Descent Ship (green) - Appears in groups of six which pop-up for a short while and then turns down.
  • Rocket Ship (pink) - Makes two rotations and then attempts to collide with the player.
  • Teleport Ship (purple) - Teleports around the screen.



You will start with some Flamethrower Ships. Then Fork Ships will appear. 2 pairs of teleport ships appear next,followed by Mirror ships that rotate around and spin faster if you shoot them.Right now you should get a white and green bell from a cloud while shooting some dagger ships.Next some Dish Ships will appear,followed by Pop&Descent Ships.You see 2 more pairs of flamethrower ships followed by Rocket Ships and some fireflies that appear bottoms up at the screen.A series of more Pop&Descent Ships and Fork,Teleport and flamethrower

ships appear again. Usually you face the last set of Dagger Ships and the screen starts to speed up.Some more Dish and Mirror ship appear.You come to 2 more flamethrowers and Rocket Ships,then you see some clubs that spin.they are indestructible unless you have a tail shield, or you collide with them.You see 2 more sets of fork ships,1 set of fireflies and a few more PDs and you finally go to the Boss.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Precious Metal is the 6th Boss in Detana!! TwinBee. They Swing from side to side in the screen with spike balls and lasers.To eliminate them,have the following.

  • 4 speed bells
  • white bell (for duplicants) and spread bell
  • Green bell
  • Red bell (you can have purple if you want or if you have a second player)

once the Boss is defeated, you will go to the last stage of Detana!! TwinBee.