Stage 7 is the final stage in Detana!! TwinBee. It mostly features enemy bugs with a few enemies homing around this area.





You all start with several ladybugs and Fly Ships that will attack you. You will bomb ground targets down below. Then a Red Shield Ship appears in 2. Destroy 1 and it will fire missiles at you. You will encounter sets of yellow flashing ships that turn into blue larvae when shot once. Green Flies will appear. They will attack when you shoot them. Then 5 Blue Missile Beetles will appear. Several Ring Ships appear quickly followed Red Flies then the Green Larvae will appear at the bottom and will come in line with your ship. Several Mirror ships join in. Green colored Rocket Ships appear (Blue in Hard). They join the mix with their fellow mirrors 4 times. The 3rd set counts 2 packs of Rockets. Then a cluster of clouds will appear. Shoot them for bells and power-ups if you died in the previous stage. the Last 2 Red Shields appear followed by a Flamethrower. Then the Red Terrain with some ground targets scroll into view. You will attack the final boss. Insect Brain and Eva.


You will fight Alien Eva and his minion. Insect Brain. He moves from side to side with pink balls revolving aggressively around him. This make up the hardest in Detana!! TwinBee. You may need enough speed to finish it off without dying.

After the boss is defeated, Princess Melora will give the player a message that planet Mel is once again at peace. The game will then begin again at Stage 1 at a harder difficulty setting.