Donburi Island (ドンブリ島 Donburi Shima?) is a location in the TwinBee series. It is an island in the Pacific Ocean that serves as the main setting for most of the adventures that take place in the series. It is in this place where Dr. Cinnamon and his family and friends live.


More than a single island, Donburi Island is an archipelago located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean consisting of both large and small islands with sunny beaches and a tropical climate. A beautiful place where trees and plants rustle. Cliffs with cascades and mountains with windmills conform the typical landscapes that can be seen in this piece of terrain. It is in this place where Dr. Cinnamon, a highly proficient scientist, has built his house and laboratory. Many members of his family have either lived or still live with him at his house. Donburi also counts with the Dessert Junior High, where Light and Pastel, two of Cinnamon's grandchildren, attend to classes.

Dr. Mardock, a rival scientist, also lives in this island. He has a granddaughter called Madoka who is good friends of Light, Pastel and Mint. Whenever there isn't trouble around, the kids can be seen enjoying a break at the beach.


Donburi Island is Dr. Cinnamon's hometown. It was in this place where he created the three flying androids: TwinBee, WinBee and GwinBee.

In 2801, the island was attacked by the evil King Spice and his interplanetary army in an attempt to conquer the Earth. Cinnamon's two sons, Annamon and Donnamon, rushed to duty and took the task of piloting two of the still prototypical aircrafts for the first time and drive the invaders away. They succeeded in this task and both the island and the planet were secure once again.

As time passed by, the androids went through some modifications and went from resembling air shuttles with arms to bumblebee-like humanoids. Annamon's son, Light, and his nephews, Pastel and Mint, eventually became their new pilots.

It is unknown what happened to Annamon and Donnamon afterward, but the doctor and the three children stayed on the island and, taking the name of "Team TwinBee", opened their services to anyone who could need their help, no mattering if the distress call even came from outer space.

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