Dr. Cinnamon (シナモン博士 Shinamon-hakase?) is a recurrent character in the TwinBee series. He is voiced by Kazumi Tanaka.


Cinnamon is the benevolent creator of the three bumblebee androids: TwinBee, WinBee and GwinBee. In his defense, it must be pointed out these robots are highly efficient. However, if his appearances in the games are anything to go by, this accomplishment was apparently followed by a progressive descent into senility.

In Moero TwinBee he gets kidnapped. In Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures, he sits uselessly with his back turned to you for the entire game. In TwinBee Taisen Puzzle-Dama, he dances unhelpfully in the center of the screen.

Fortunately, he redeems himself in TwinBee RPG by gaining some weight, losing a few years, and actively helping out a lot more. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more evidence of his alleged 'scientific genius'.

Cinnamon has a laboratory on Donburi Island which serves both as a home and headquarters for him, his family, and the bumblebee androids.


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  • Cinnamon appears in the Konami mascot game Konami Wai Wai World, and is responsible for the creation of Konami Man and Konami Lady, the two protagonists of the game.
    • Dr. Simon, Cinnamon's twin brother, is also introduced in this game. He has not made a reappearance in any other series or media since.

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