Where the hell do you see "pervert" written on my face?! I am a gentleman, you know! I swear, the youngsters nowadays...
~ Dr. Warumon in TwinBee Taisen Puzzle-Dama

Dr. Warumon (ワルモン博士 Warumon-hakase?) is the main antagonist of the TwinBee series.

He is voiced by Yukimasa Kishino.


Warumon spends his time building armies of evil bumblebee clones (called ZakoBees) and trying to take over the world. He also dabbles in foreign politics, provoking coups, that sort of thing. He is always thwarted by TwinBee, of course. Probably the most evil man in the universe. He also has a number of airships which invariably end up getting destroyed.

He has been known to make alliances with Dr. Mardock and Archduke Nonsense.


Warumon is mostly bald, with white hair still growing on the sides and back of the head and pointing up, resembling devilish horns. He fashions a monocle on his right eye and can usually be seen wearing a big, black cape. All these features in conjunction give him an overall ominous and malevolent appearance.


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