GwinBee departing!
~ GwinBee in TwinBee Yahho!

GwinBee (グインビー GuinBī?) is a character in the TwinBee series. He is the third and youngest of the bumblebee androids, and is also more boisterous than his siblings. He is responsible for looking after Mint (Pastel's little brother), who also pilots him. He is TwinBee's and WinBee's little brother. He is the most marginalized team member, generally appearing as a third player in most games or even simply as a mere power-up.

He is voiced by Miki Itō.



GwinBee looks similar to TwinBee and WinBee, with a blue, oddly-shaped canopy and his body fashioned in green scheme.


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  • One of the bosses in Super Bomberman R, called Plasma Bomber, has a second form called "Judge GwinBee", whose name and appearance are a reference to GwinBee.

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