Mint-Herb (ミントアーブ Minto-Ābu?), also often called simply Mint or Herb, is one of the main protagonists of the TwinBee series. He is Dr. Cinnamon's grandson, Pastel's little brother, and Light's cousin. Even though still a baby, he is a competent pilot of the green, bumblebee-shaped android GwinBee.

He is voiced by Miki Itō.


Pastel's younger brother. A baby but born as a genius. The pilot of GwinBee. Because his crying is ultrasonic, his miraculous voice can also be used as a weapon. His name comes from the color mint green.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Mint is a toddler with fair skin, light blue eyes and mint-green hair. He wears blue goggles and a green pilot jumpsuit. Being a little kid, he is playful and curious. He can only say a few words, like "Babu".



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