Mint-Herb (ミントアーブ Minto-Ābu?), also often called simply Mint or Herb, is one of the protagonists of the TwinBee series. He is Dr. Cinnamon's grandson, Pastel's little brother, and Light's cousin. Even though still a baby, he is a competent pilot of the green, bumblebee-shaped android GwinBee.

He is voiced by Miki Itō.


Pastel's younger brother. A baby but born as a genius. The pilot of GwinBee. Because his crying is ultrasonic, his miraculous voice can also be used as a weapon. His name comes from the color mint green.

Appearance and personalityEdit

Mint is a toddler with fair skin, light blue eyes and mint-green hair. He wears blue goggles and a green pilot jumpsuit. Being a little kid, he is playful and curious. He can only say a few words, like "Babu".



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