Teyandee! TwinBee is a fan game created by Mousekliks. It was released for Adobe Flash in Deviantart on August 11, 2005 in the United States.


  • TwinBee (from TwinBee) - The star of the series, TwinBee is a sentient ship capable of changing size and, much more practically, saving the world.
  • WinBee (from TwinBee) - TwinBee's sister has pretty much the same capabilities. Together, the two are a formidable fighting force.
  • Light (from Detana!! TwinBee) - Light is Dr. Cinnamon's 13 year old grandson and TwinBee's pilot. A spunky fellow, he often takes the lead.
  • Pastel (from Detana!! TwinBee) - Pastel is Light's cousin of equal age and WinBee's pilot.
  • Dr. Cinnamon (from Moero TwinBee) - Creator of the bumblebee androids, this 63 year old professor is also the grandfather and mentor of the pilots.

Guest charactersEdit

  • Madoka (from Pop'n TwinBee) - Granddaughter of Dr. Mardock, Madoka it is a good-natured girl and friend of Light & Pastel. She's a young mechanic who can repair you in flight, though it takes a while.
  • Takosuke (from Sexy Parodius) - Hailing from the Parodius universe, Takosuke is an octopus of questionable moral value. His repulsive nature will repel enemy fire (and enemies).
  • Pentarō (from Antarctic Adventure) - Star of Antarctic Adventure, Yume Penguin Monogatari or Penta Tsuri no Boken, Pentarō is... a penguin. Anyhow, he can repair bells to keep them from breaking when you shoot at them.
  • Koitsu (from Gokujō Parodius) - This guy's name happens to mean "This Guys". Taunting the opposition with his flailing arms, he can draw enemy fire towards himself and more importantly, away from you.
  • Hikaru (from Gokujō Parodius) - What can be said about Hikaru? She rides a rocket, wears bunny ears, and has an affinity for alcohol. As a guest in your party, bells are sure to come flocking to her.
  • Michael (from Gokujō Parodius) - A celestial pig of pious vengeance, Michael can lend his power to TwinBee and WinBee by multiplying their attack power without the additional energy cost.
  • Mambo (from Gokujō Parodius) - An airborne fish (a Moon Fish) is a force to be reckoned with. Mambo will hunt down an enemy and nibble it to its doom if he catches wind of one.