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TwinBee (ツインビー TsuinBī?) is the titular character and main protagonist of the TwinBee series. He is an anthropomorphic and sentient blue aircraft with a single canopy. He was created by a scientist called Dr. Cinnamon, and it is this brilliant man's grandson, Light, its current pilot. He is WinBee's and GwinBee's older brother.

TwinBee is present in every game in the series and also has made recurring appearances in many other Konami games, whether it is as a cameo or a fully playable character, including the Parodius and Konami Wai Wai series, to name a few.

He is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka.


TwinBee is a blue anthropomorphic ship with arms and legs, and wears white gloves and blue sneakers. He has yellow turbines and windscreen.


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